How does Krill Oil benefit my health?

1) Relieves joint pain and inflammation
Clinical studies have shown that MediKrill significantly reduces inflammation and relieves arthritis pain symptoms within 7 days. This is because it can reduce C-reactive protein levels, a clinical marker for inflammation.

2) Reduce risks of cardiovascular disease
Regular consumption of MediKrill has also proven to help lower total cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides, and blood glucose. This can reduce overall risks of cardiovascular diseases and promote general cardiovascular health. Results can be seen as early as 30 days.

3) Soothe physical and emotional symptoms
Many women who have consumed MediKrill reported to have improvements in their premenstrual syndrome symptoms. MediKrill is proven to have greatly soothed abdominal pain, swelling, bloating, joint pain and other menstrual-related symptoms as compared to fish oil.

4) Beneficial for Brain functioning
MediKrill significantly improves brain executive functions in young adults with ADHD without any side effects. Concentration levels, focus levels, and planning skills of individuals can be enhanced over the period of 3 to 6 months. Moreover, it is good for the prevention of brain degeneration due to its rich Omega-3 fatty acids.